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Wednesday Feb 15, 2017
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Taking a look at intolerance in India

Web Desk
Taking a look at intolerance in India

Love conquers all, a phrase that was put to the test in a video experiment conducted in India, when two interreligious couples, played by different actors, visited different areas of New Delhi to get the reaction of people. 

Vijay Malhotra took up the role of a pundit married to a Muslim girl. They went around the city and visited the Delhi railway station, to astonishing reactions from citizens, some of whom gave their blessings, expressed surprise at the acceptance, and took pictures with them, while others just stared in shock, and refused to comment.

The other couple – with Abhinav Verma as Adil and Shalini Yadav as herself – went to a Hindu temple to offer prayers, where they were given a warm welcome and allowed to participate in aarti – a traditional temple ritual.

“All the best for the journey ahead,” “Of course you have my blessings,” and “I am impressed by your thoughts” were some of the comments they received from the pedestrians.

A Hindu man noted, “If their hearts are one, nothing else matters!”

The experiment disclosed very surprising results, as the video-makers from Hindustan Times were anticipating severe backlash.

“It felt really good to see this,” explained one of the actors.

What is important to note is the fact that most people on the streets – the common man – doesn’t really care about such matters, if the people involved in it are happy. For them, it just encourages the message of peace, harmony, and love.

It is obviously in line with what Sanjoy Sachdev, the man behind an NGO working to help lovers get married, said, “You will become a human being.”





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