Saturday Feb 18, 2017

Bio Resonance Therapy: A new glimmer of hope

Bio Resonance Therapy: A new glimmer of hope

KARACHI: It is almost ten in the morning, as people from different areas within and outside Karachi wait at the Medical Frequency Centre’s reception near Federal B Area in Gulberg Town, Karachi.

People from all ages and backgrounds are in the queue, waiting for their share of hope of life.

Fourteen-year-old Irfan suffers from Wilson disease – a genetic disorder that can be fatal unless copper poisoning in the body is detected and treated. According to Irfan's mother, two years ago her son was diagnosed with the disease after he fell seriously ill.

He suffers from complete paralysis now and is unable to speak. Things became difficult when Irfan’s parents were unable to find the required medicines or get their son treated locally or abroad.

“My husband's friend informed us about the Medical Frequency Centre. Four months into the treatment and my son’s copper level has already decreased. All the credit goes to Dr Muhammad Ali’s treatment,” said Irfan’s mother.

Dr Muhammad Ali Khalid graduated from Allama Iqbal Medical College in Lahore. He is the first doctor to introduce Bio Resonance Therapy in Pakistan.

Talking to Geo News about the treatment method, Dr Khalid said: “Each organ in the human body has a different frequency on which it functions. When this frequency reduces or increases, the particular organ or part of the body behaves abnormally, which results in pain or illness.”

He said bio-resonance is an advanced method of treatment that makes use of biological frequencies. It is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment that focuses on the biophysics of the body instead of the biochemistry.

“With the help of technology, we first convert electromagnetic waves into sound waves. An instrument is set to match the original frequency of the particular organ, which helps bring the organ back to its natural frequency,” Dr Khalid said. “I believe that energy generated at sub-atomic level can cure human diseases.”

He said a specific frequency is generated by normal and abnormal cells and if doctors are able to measure and regulate this frequency, all diseases could be cured.


58-year old Sultana Shariq, who was diagnosed with intestinal cancer, is another success story in the making. Her family and doctors didn’t observe any noticeable improvement in Shariq’s condition, even after spending over PKR 2 million on her treatment in China.

When her family came across the bio-resonance treatment on the internet, they were willing to give it a try. “She is finally much healthier than before and her cancer is almost cured,” said the patient’s family member. 

According to the Medical Frequency Centre’s Director Operations Muhammad Moiz, more than 200 patients visit the centre on a daily basis.

This method of treatment without drugs and injections is very effective for chronic ailments, with no reported side effects. “With this therapy hay fever and allergies, long-term illnesses, depression, smoking, weight gain, electronic smog, asthma, digestive problems, skin problems, gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune disease, infections, and neurological disorders can be cured,” said Dr Ali.

The centre now has two branches in Singapore, one in Malaysia, and two in Karachi. It provides a 60% monetary relief to patients who request for financial assistance.

A young boy with visible signs of Down syndrome was also in the therapy queue. With tears glistening in her eyes, his mother said: “It’s too hard to manage a Down syndrome patient if you are poor and unable to afford treatment but thanks to almighty Allah and Dr Ali, my child is finally getting treated.”