This woman’s encounter with terminally-ill child will change your perspective on life

Nida Mujahid Hussain
This woman’s encounter with terminally-ill child will change your perspective on life

At times we judge things too soon too often, something of the sort happened with a lady as well who boarded a flight to Islamabad and had an encounter that would likely change the perspective of many among us.

Amar Abbasi, who’s a Karachi-based lawyer, updated her status on Facebook about how she boarded a flight from Karachi and had an encounter with a terminally-ill child.

Narrating her story, Abbasi wrote it was one of those days for her when things don’t start off the way one wants.  In a haphazard state, she boarded a flight and somehow managed to get her preferred window seat.

Once on the plane, she made her way to her seat only to find, much to her chagrin, it occupied with a kid and his mother sitting next to him.

When she tried to ask about her seat, the mother, who was reciting something under her breath, just nodded in her direction and smiled.

Begrudgingly, Abbasi sat on the available seat, with irritation etched across her face.

After a while, the child, who according to Abbasi was quite a charmer with his big eyes and rosy cheeks, said something adorable to his mother and she couldn’t help but smile.

At that point, the child’s mother asked Abbasi about her son taking the window seat. The lawyer was already cooled down by then and said it wasn't much of an issue to her.

Next thing the mother said made Abbasi instantly regret her attitude; especially had she uttered something nasty in anger.

The mother said that her child is suffering from blood cancer and this is the reason she does not like denying him anything.

She further revealed that the doctors in Karachi aren’t hopeful for his health and being a mother she couldn’t take no for an answer. She said she is trying everything as a last resort to save her son's life.

Rest of Abbasi’s post discusses how often in the heat of the moment we lose our tempers and say things we regret uttering at all.

“We rumble and tumble on thinking no one has a life harder than us, basking in our bubbles of self-pity and feeling our issues are super important. But they're not, and we're not. Someone somewhere ALWAYS has it harder, and it could be the person sitting right next to you at work, or on a bus, or on a flight, or your loud neighbor, or the person cutting through the aisle at a coffee shop much to your irritation. And it is so, so important to be kind, and to be gentle, and to forgive and forego even when we don't have a logical reason..”

'Let's all make a miracle happen together'

Amar Abbasi spoke to us regarding her personal experience, telling how it relates to each one of us.

“The fact that the story went viral so fast and so much was a testament to the fact that thousands resonated with the message it was meant to convey, i.e. be kind, be patient, and let go of what isn't going to have a disastrous effect on your life because perhaps it may be the highlight of another person’s day,” she said.

She said that in our increasingly busy lives, all of us are subconsciously becoming a little too selfish. We put our needs and comforts over others, and are too quick to jump to conclusions, she said.

“This little boy's story touched my heart and soul and I've committed to do whatever it takes to be there and play my small part in his wonderful journey. His mother beseeches everyone to remember him in his prayers, so let's all make a miracle happen together,” she told us.

One can deduce from this heart-wrenching tale that it is certainly a reality check for people as we often have harsh reaction over inconsequential things in our lives that do not matter in the long run.