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Saturday Mar 18, 2017

Karachi has highest prevalence of HIV patients: SACP report

Karachi has highest prevalence of HIV patients: SACP report

 KARACHI: The port city has the highest number of HIV patients across the province, revealed a report by Sindh AIDS Control Programme (SACP).

About 42,000 HIV patients are present in Karachi, the report added. Larkana, which is Pakistan People’s Party stronghold, is the second city with most number of HIV patients.

Speaking about issues, Additional Director Health, Karachi, Dr Nadeem Sheikh, remarked that Karachi has the highest number of HIV patients in the last 20 years according to Sindh government’s SACP.

“Pakistan is one of the few countries where there is a lack of awareness regarding HIV/AIDS,” the official remarked while speaking to Geo News. “Due to its staff members and management issues, SACP is not being able to serve the people. This is also accepted by provincial Health Minister.”

Moreover, Health Minister of Sindh Sikandar Ali Mandhro said that HIV screenings are not conducted in hospitals or jails. Alongside, the medicines for it are also not readily available.”

People are first diagnosed with HIV and then later due to an infection may develop AIDS. The virus seeks to affect people’s immune system and makes it less strong. The patients then become susceptible to various other illnesses such as tuberculosis and tumours.

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