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Tuesday Apr 04, 2017

Parkinson's disease becoming a major threat in Pakistan: experts

Parkinson's disease becoming a major threat in Pakistan: experts

KARACHI. Around 80 to 100 people are diagnosed with the Parkinson’s disease on a regular basis in the country, pointed out a senior neurologist on Tuesday.

The doctor was addressing a conference on the disease organised by Movement Disorder Society of Pakistan (MDSP) at Karachi Press Club.

Experts pointed out that Parkinson's disease has emerged as a major neurodegenerative disorder in the country and about 1,200,000 people are estimated to be diagnosed with it by 2030.

On the occasion, eminent neurologists including President MDS Dr. Nadir Ali Syed, Prof. Dr. Shaukat Ali, Dr. Naila Shahbaz, Dr. Khalid Sherand Dr. Abul Malik along with Haroon Bashir, who is suffering from Parkinson's disease, spoke about the disease.  

Similar to other non-communicable diseases in the country Parkinson's too is spreading at an alarming rate, said Dr Syed. "It is feared that within the next 14 years, the number of patients with this neurological movement disorder, presently registered to be around 600,000, will be doubled by 2030," he said.

It was also mentioned that many cases are not even reported due to lack of facilities in certain parts of the country.
Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people and decelerates their motor system.

"Symptoms of the disease take years to develop and many of them live with the disease without any significant problem or disruption in their normal life pattern," he said.

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