Pakistani asylum seeker in Germany commits suicide

Irfan Aftab
Pakistani asylum seeker in Germany commits suicide

BERLIN: A 28-year-old Pakistani asylum seeker has committed suicide by jumping from the rooftop of a hotel building in Leipzig city, Saxony.

On the afternoon of March 30, Faisal Imran was seen standing on the roof of the Seaside Park Hotel's building. Police and rescue teams were called immediately. At 14:15PM he threw himself off the roof, which was filmed by unknown eyewitness from their mobile phone.

The video of the tragic incident has become viral on many social media sites.

"Initially, he was seriously injured but he didn’t survived for a longer period. He died after an hour in the hospital, " reported local daily Leipziger Volkszeitung ‘LVZ’.

Reports from various sources identified him as Faisal Imran from Sheikhupura, Punjab.

Faisal came to Germany from Italy two years ago and had applied for political asylum in Germany. It is still unclear if his asylum request was approved or has already been rejected.

Police have received complaints regarding Faisal's attempts to commit suicide in the past as well, Leipziger Volkszeitung ‘LVZ’ reported.

Saxony police press department told that the case is under investigation. However, the police added that the chances of an accident should be ruled out as a clear jump movement can be seen in the video.

Necessary arrangements are being made to dispatch Faisal’s body to Pakistan. A source added that the body will be handed over to his family in Sheikhupura after legal formalities are completed.