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Monday Apr 10, 2017
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Thousands march on Dallas streets to protest Trump’s immigration ban

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Thousands march on Dallas streets to protest Trump’s immigration ban
Image courtesy: Dallas News | Demonstrators rally outside city hall at the end of the 2017 Dallas Mega March to support immigrants' rights on Sunday, April 9, 2017. Dallas News/Smiley N. Pool

Demonstrators took to downtown Dallas early Sunday evening to voice their protest against the immigration rights issue that became one of the highlights of US President Donald Trump’s administration.

Called the Mega March – the second iteration of the one in 2006 – the protest garnered more than 3,000 people, according to the police estimate cited by Dallas News. Many sported Uncle Sam’s colours of red, blue, and white in order to show how “this is really about America’s values,” organiser Domingo Garcia explained.

Immigrant teachers, parents, children and even handicapped elders attended the march, alongside their native counterparts. Kids face confusion following fellow pupils’ reaction to the immigration ban.



One such child asked, “Mommy, will I have to go back to Mexico?”

“As a child of immigrants, it's hard for us to travel. […] Now my mom is worried,” says another.



Even the buffed-up and intimidating, but compassionate, ‘bikers’ also joined the protest.



In addition, moving alongside these demonstrators were Dallas policemen on bikes, horseback, and foot. Thankfully, no one was arrested.

Representatives of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which has been very active in helping the immigrants and permanent residents – both in the country and those travelling – also partook in the walk in order to monitor security authorities’ behaviour.

Various notables were also in the crowd, including Joaquin Castro and Beto O'Rourke of the Congress, and leading activist Martin Luther King III.

“We come here today to march against a national agenda that would turn back the clock on our nation’s great tradition of values,” roared King to the audience, the publication reported.



Nevertheless, Trump supporters also somehow entered the march. One of them, a resident of Dallas, commented on how immigrants are more valued than the war veterans, and that “they need to go back and solve their own problems.”

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