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Saturday Sep 02 2017

Experts stress importance of removing remains of sacrificial animals properly


ISLAMABAD: Authorities must ensure the proper disposal of offal as soon as possible to prevent the spread of diseases.

Health and environmental experts have stressed the importance of properly removing blood, offal and other waste after an animal has been sacrificed. Failure to do so may lead to health problems and environmental pollution.

Civic agencies involved in keeping an area clean should not throw offal and animal wastes into drains, green areas and in garbage trolleys, but keep these left over at open places near their houses for easy collection by sanitation staff.

Citizens should also cooperate with sanitation staff as the health of people depends on the timely removal of leftovers from the sacrifice.

Senior physician Akram Sheikh said that animal remains should be dumped at special dumping points in an environment-friendly manner and covered with soil and lime.

It is also recommended that the public especially those handling animals and meat wear protective gear, he added.