Rare photos from 1965 Pakistan-India war

Photos from 1965 showcase the glorious spirit of the people of Pakistan and the bravery of its armed forces


In the early hours of the morning of September 6, 1965, Indian forces crossed the international boundary and invaded Pakistan without a formal declaration of war. 

For the 17 days that followed, the armies of the two neighbouring countries were locked in a ferocious battle until intervention by the United Nations separated them.

The following rare photographs shed light on the conflict and showcase the glorious spirit of the people of Pakistan and the bravery of its armed forces as it defended the homeland against a significantly more powerful Indian military. 

Pakistani troops in action: A dramatic picture of tank infantry assault on the Lahore front. 
Major General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan, GOC of a division, explains a situation to Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan during one of his visits to the forward areas. Also in the picture are Army C-in-C General Muhammad Musa (extreme left) and C-in-C Pakistan Air Force Air Marshal M. Nur Khan (third from right).
Pakistani soldiers atop captured indian tanks raise slogans of joy.
Khem Kharan, the Indian market town, was the place from where Indian were to launch their thrust on Kasur and then on to Lahore. 
Foreign newspaper correspondents on a visit to a Pakistani position in Khem Karan.
An operational tank squadron of the Pakistan Army equipped with the Indian tanks (French-build AMXs) captured in the Chhamb battle, out on manoeuvers. 
In clouds of dust, Pakistani tank and infantry soldiers are moving forward to join the action.
Field Marshal Ayub Khan decorates the wife of Major Aziz Bhatti Shaheed with the insignia of Pakistan's highest gallantry award, the Nishan-i-Haider. On her left is Mrs. Shami, wife of A.R. Shami, who was awarded HIlal-i-Jur'at posthumously.
Munabao, the important railway station of Rajasthan, taken by Pakistani forces. 
A view of the Kishangarh Fort in Rajasthan. In the foreground, a Pakistani soldier is standing guard over the fort.
Medical and nursing staff was rushed to Pakistan by Iran and Turkey. Picture shows Iranian and Turkish nurses attending wounded pakistani jawans in a military hospital.
Indian prisoners of war cheer their favourites in a legged-race in one of the camp's sports meets. 
Pakistani flag flutters over the Rajput fort of Kishengarh in Rajasthan, where Pakistan Army was in occupation of over 1,200 square miles of Indian territory.
President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Ayub Khan, meeting with the nursing staff which was rushed to Pakistan by Iran and Turkey. 
Longanewala posts occupied by Pakistani Desert Force.
Longanewala posts occupied by Pakistani Desert Force.
Pakistani soldiers on the front lines.
A view of Khananwali. 3 miles north of Chawinda, after the Indian army vacated it. All roofs are missing. 
Indian flag being replaced by the Pakistani flag at Jhenger.