Pakistani cultural evening celebrated in Poland

Syed Sibtain Shah

WARSAW: A graceful Pakistani Cultural Evening was organized by a Polish Multicultural Association at Culture House, old town of Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Jasmin Association which is an organization of people working for intercultural cooperation has so far arranged a number of cultural events in different cities of Poland.

A large number of Polish people from different walks of life, as well as Pakistanis based in Warsaw, attended the event.

Pakistani Hina Nisar who is associated with Jasmin Association and living in Poland for the last four years gave a presentation on Pakistan’s history and culture.The presentation highlighted Pakistan's rich and ancient traditions. 

Two small documentaries on Pakistan focusing on Lahore were also presented during the event. 

Pakistani traditional lady’s dresses were displayed on the walls during the program.

On the occasion, a session of Henna – incredible body ornamentation was also held during which many of the female participants got henna applied on their hands.