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Monday Oct 01 2018
Web Desk

Information Ministry launches Twitter account to expose fake news

Web Desk
The ministry launched the account on October 1 

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has launched a Twitter account @FakeNews_Buster for exposing fake news.

The first tweet of the account states: “The objective of social media is information, education and knowledge sharing. It should be based on truth and should not spread fake news and disinformation to achieve ulterior motives. Otherwise, it will erode its credibility.”

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said this account would respond to fake news and action would be taken against those responsible for spreading it.

With the rise of social media, fake news has become a serious societal issue in Pakistan.

People, either common or famous do not bother to check facts of even the more serious and defamatory news before sharing them on social networking websites, and they are circulated frivolously like petty jokes.

Geo News is already exposing fake news by informing viewers during news bulletins and online