Friday, January 11, 2019

'World Soccer Stars' organisers criticised for 'disrespecting' national stars

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan football team’s captain Saddam Hussain was also made to sit in crowd at the event

KARACHI: Hajra Khan, the captain of Pakistan’s women football team, has lashed out at the organisers of "World Soccer Stars", for "disrespecting" national stars.

Hajra complained that Pakistan football stars didn’t get the respect they deserved from the organisers of the event, who brought world football stars Kaka and Figo to Pakistan for a day-long trip on Thursday.

“That’s the respect national football players get in the country,” Hajra commented while reacting to a tweet about how captain of Pakistan football team was initially neglected at the event.

“I was invited to the event and then uninvited because the organisers had decided to cut down the guests list. Disappointing that every other person I am speaking to had attended. Shameful,” she said further in her tweet.

In another tweet, Hajra lamented that such practices cannot do anything good for Pakistan football.

“I refuse to be associated with any such organisation/event that claims to promote and develop football in Pakistan and disrespects national athletes with their money making stints,” she added.

She, however, thanked the football duo for visiting Pakistan.

“Thank you for coming to Pakistan, hope to see more of you,” she said, in her tweet tagging Kaka and Figo.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan football team’s captain Saddam Hussain and attacking mid-fielder Saadullah were made to sit in the crowd.

Saddam was invited to stage only after being highlighted by the media present at the event.