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Saturday Jan 19 2019

Italian artist talks about Pakistan visit, says 'hopeful of country's new phase'

Italian artist Andrea Angelucci is known for exploring countries with rich histories and sketching them. Sketch of Alamgiri Gate and the Lahore Fort, Pakistan. Photo: Andrea Angelucci Instgaram

For Italian artist, Andrea Angelucci exploring countries and connecting with history is a passion. But just taking pictures and posting them on Instagram them is not enough for him.

Angelucci sketches the monuments he visits and notes down their history, to share his adventures in a unique way and bring out the best in the places he visits across the world.

Being a history buff and an avid traveller, it was no surprise that Angelucci travelled to Pakistan. “Being an archaeologist and a lover of history, I have always studied ancient times with passion and dedication, and the Middle East and Asia have always fascinated me," he said while speaking to

"Alexander the Great has always been my favourite historical figure, whom I do not consider a simple conqueror, but also a visionary whose objective was to unite all civilisations on earth under one great nation,” Angelucci added while explaining his decision to visit Pakistan.

From top left to right. Alamgiri Gate and the Lahore Fort. Badshahi Mosque, Lahore. Tomb of Asif Khan, Lahore. Double-Headed Eagle Buddhist Stupa in Sirkap. Taxila. Photo: Andrea Angelucci Instagram

"Alexander changed the places he went through forever and his memory has survived through various centuries. He arrived to what was then considered to be the end of the Earth, and is today part of Pakistan, and that’s why I have always wanted to explore this land, so far yet so intriguing, full of history but also of beautiful scenery such as the mountains in the north,” the Italian artist added.

For Angelucci, Pakistan is more than just its history. “What I have appreciated the most here is the amazing hospitality, kindness and welcome the people offer. The west has a lot to learn in this matter,” he said.

“Once I go back to Europe, I will make sure to push people to visit Pakistan setting aside all doubts and fears, because I know they will discover a beautiful country, as well as gentle people who show pride in their country.”

Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore (L) and Badshahi Mosque, Lahore (R). Photo: Andrea Angelucci Instagram

Urging foreigners to set aside their preconceived notions and fears and visit the country, Agenlucci said, “I know the country has some areas that are in a delicate situation, but I believe soon this issue will be dealt with."

"I have great hopes for the new phase the country is going through, and I see a lot of effort being put in the improvement and growth of the country, including the tourist sector. Tourism will in fact do a lot, as people coming to visit will take back positive memories and experiences, telling others the truth and erasing the false prejudice which still damages the country,” Angelucci added.

For the Rome-born artist, the decision of picking his travel destinations is not as easy as it seems.

“My ideal destination has to be a location which is full of history but also scenic, with beautiful landscapes, where local traditions are still very alive. I like to blend in with locals when I travel, and not just be a tourist,” the artist shared.

Hiran Minar, Sheikhupura (L) Shrine of Shah Rukn-e-Alam, Multan, Pakistan (R). Photo: Andrea Angelucci Instagram

When asked what are his favourite places till now, Angelucci said the most beautiful places he has visited so far are Patagonia, Cappadocia, Petra and Palestine. “My two favourite cities are Istanbul and Venice, as both possess great history accompanied by their flawless charm.”

On whether he will Pakistan again soon, Angelucci said that he already has a trip planned for the Northern areas this summer. “I am also working on a project to bring European tourists in Pakistan, so if everything goes well I will definitely be back soon.”