Top 10 best daiy skin care steps for getting glass skin

Here are some of the top most skin care tips that people can use to get clear skin

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Top 10 best daiy skin care steps for getting glass skin

Acne, blemishes and other skin issues are not something which are solely an issue effecting teens. Adults also tend to suffer through these skin issues, whether that is due to a packed schedule or a lack of proper skin care knowledge. 

There are a number of tips to help maintain the appearance of clear and smooth skin and some of them include;

1. Exfoliation:

Using a cleansing exfoliator which is appropriate for a person’s skin type, twice daily will help to keep skin troubles at bay. This is because; exfoliation removes excess skin cells which end up clogging follicles. 

For those who wish to stay away from commercial cleansers and exfoliators, using a sugar scrub in circular motions, on areas like the cheeks, nose and forehead will help to keep skin subtle and soft.

2. Stop Picking:

Many people have formed a habit of picking at their skin without a second thought. This action can introduce the skin to bacteria and spread infections that tend to cause scarring. Instead of resorting to picking at skin issues, it is recommended to use a cream to spot treat breakouts and prevent infections from spreading and damaging the skin’s outer most layer.

3. Get Sun Exposure:

Many people might find this recommendation shocking as everyone is told to avoid the sun’s direct sunlight. However, letting direct sunlight hit the face for about 10 or 15 minutes, for about three times a week will allow natural light to kill off bacteria on the skin. It will also promote the production of vitamin D and promote natural oil products. It is important to note that the morning sunlight is the most beneficial for more reasons than one.

4. Change Detergents:

It is recommended to change detergents if someone uses scented detergents on their pillow cases or bedding etc. Opting for a fragrance free detergent and skipping out on dryer sheets and scented softeners is recommended by health care professionals. For those who wish to keep some scent on their freshly washed laundry, using natural oils is a good alternative.

5. Use Mineral Makeup:

Mineral makeup is better for the skin as compared to the over-the-counter options available on the market. Mineral makeup has been known to be sensitive enough for even the most sensitive of skin types. Mineral makeup can hide imperfections, blemishes and offers sun protection which is even safe enough to sleep in, for those lazy late nights out.

6. Clean Phone Screens:

Phone screens are a breeding ground for bacteria because of the buildup of sweat, dead skin cells and bacteria. It is recommended to wipe down the screen with alcohol based wipes on a regular basis to avoid breakout issues.

7. Get Skin Treatments:

Getting skin treatments is a good way to maintain the vitality and collagen levels within the skin, however choosing the right skin care treatment is no easy task and requires a bit of research into a person’s skin type, complexion, concerns and habits. For oily skin types, clay masks are a good option.

8. Healthy Eating:

There are a number of tips to help people get on the right track of healthy eating, some of them include;

  • Staying away from high carb foods
  • Avoiding alcohol consumption
  • Consuming dairy products in moderation
  • Eating foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Consuming green leafy vegetables with every meal as they are a good source for antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and minerals

9. Clean Hats & Hair Accessories:

For any hair accessory like caps or bandanas, having them laundered at least monthly is important to prevent the spread of bacteria. Opting for fragrance free detergents is the best possible option to avoid irritating the skin as well. 

It is important to note that sharing hats with other people should be avoided as much as possible as well.

10. Alleviate Stress:

Stress has been known to affect the body in a large number of ways and it contains a number of negative side effects, some of those are related to a person’s complexion. Using techniques to calm the inner state of mind in times of stress is a top priority.