Recipe: Hot Milk Sponge Cake

Hot Milk Sponge Cake recipe

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Summer is the time to get into fruity, refreshing desserts that’ll give you your sugar fix. If you are craving for some delicious cake - not the usual heavy ones - this recipe for the simple, old-fashioned cake tastes so good it will surprise you!  Try this recipe of ‘Hot Milk Sponge Cake’ with seasonal fruits.


Eggs 2

Flour 1 cup

Baking powder 1 tsp

Sugar 1 cup

Milk 1/2 cup

Butter 2 tbsp

Seasonal fruit As required

Chocolate curls (optional) For decoration


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

Grease a 6-8 inch round cake pan set aside.

In small bowl, stir together flour and baking powder; set aside.

In large bowl, beat eggs on high about 4 minutes, until slightly thickened.

Gradually add sugar; beat on medium 4 to 5 minutes until pale yellow and thickened.

Add flour mixture; beat on low to medium just until combined.

In small saucepan, over low heat stir milk and butter until butter is melted; add to batter, beat to combine.

Pour batter in pan and bake 20 to 25 mins or until wooden pick inserted near centre comes out clean.

Cool in pan on a wire rack.

To serve, top with seasonal fruit and chocolate curls.

Serve immediately.

Ready in 50 minutes (Serves 6-8)

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