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Friday Jul 12 2019

Punjab police officers fired over assaulting people, filming objectionable video

LAHORE: Three Punjab police officers were fired on Thursday over breaking and entering a house, assaulting people, and filming an objectionable video of a woman inside after Geo News aired the footage.

The Punjab Constabulary had remained silent and taken no action despite a first information report (FIR) being registered against the three officers — identified as Asim Amjad, Waqas, and Bilal Younis — in Johar Town police station and the investigation police having submitted challans against the suspects.

The constabulary's deputy commandant only sprang into action once Geo News picked up the story and there was outrage on social media. 

In a notification issued by the Punjab Constabulary, the deputy commandant confirmed the dismissal of all three officers Asim Amjad, Waqas, and Bilal Younis.

On Tuesday, Geo News had obtained a video of the incident wherein the three officers were seen forcefully entering a house in Johar Town, assaulting multiple people, including women, and filming an objectionable video of a woman.

It further showed both uniformed and plainclothes officers pushing people who had gathered outside and took them inside, slapping those who were inside, and using disgusting language towards everyone.

Verbally abusing the people in the house, one plainclothes officer was seen persistently filming the entire ordeal. A woman had pleaded by joining hands together not to film the objectionable video but the plainclothes officer did not listen.

At the time the report was first published on and run on Geo News, police sources had explained that neither an FIR was filed against any of the officers involved nor any of them brought to the police station. The suspects were let go after some kind of underhanded settlement, the sources had added.

On the other hand, Ashfaq Khan, the deputy inspector-general (DIG) of police for operations, had said the incident was from April. He had added that three officers of the Punjab Constabulary had donned the uniform of Lahore Police and, accompanied by a previously-fired officer, had broken into the house.

Once the incident was reported, an FIR — including a clause of dacoity — was registered against all four officers and they would be arrested soon, he had said, adding that all three of the Punjab Constabulary officers were absconding.