Saturday Aug 10 2019
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Liven up your Eid breakfast with this special Kaleji masala recipe

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Kaleji, liver meat, is also coveted for its nutritional value/ Photo: Canva

Eid-ul-Azha breakfast seems incomplete without a steaming hot plate of spicy Kaleji, with warm naans or bread buns.

The fastest dish to be made from the sacrificed animal’s meat is usually Kaleji Masala. Apart from the occasional significance of this dish, liver meat is also coveted for its nutritional value.

This Eid, try making a scrumptious Kaleji masala dish from the fresh meat with this recipe.


- 700 grams of mutton/beef Kaleji

-Oil (2 tablespoon)

- Garam masala (2 tez patta, few peppercorns, 2 cardamoms, 2 or 3 small cinnamon sticks)

- Onions (one cup, finely chopped)

- Green chillies (2 for cooking, one for garnishing)

- Ginger, garlic paste (one tablespoon)

- Tomato (one big-sized, chopped)

- Yoghurt (one cup)

-Salt to taste

-Coriander powder (2 tsp)

-Turmeric powder (one tsp)

- Chilli powder (2 tsp)

- Grounded Garam Masala, cumin powder (one tsp each)

- Fresh coriander


1. Add oil in a saucer pan and heat it up. Once the oil is warm, add the ungrounded spices and fry them. Be careful, as not to have them burnt.

2. Now you can add chopped onions and fry until golden brown (when onions get translucent, add ginger and garlic paste and continue to fry).

3. After the onions are fried, add tomatoes, chillies, coriander, turmeric, cumin powders and fry for three to four minutes.

4. Add a little water and cook for a few minutes until oil separates.

5. Now you can add Kaleji and salt, letting it cook for four minutes.

6. You can see that the meat is half cooked and at this stage add yoghurt to let it cook for six or seven minutes.

7. Now you can add garam masala, a pinch of salt and fresh coriander to give final touches before turning the stove off.

The dish is ready to liven up your Eid breakfast menu — for best experience sprinkle fresh lemon to have a memorable meal!