Tuesday Aug 13 2019
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Green Masala beef biryani to surely win you over this Eid

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Green Masala biryani, is a lesser tried variant of the traditional biryani

Biryani is a must-have to ensure any occasion- be it Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-ul-Azha- ends with a flourish and happy tummies.

There exist multiple recipes of making a hearty daig (big pan) of biryani. Interestingly, there exists a rare, but unimaginably delectable recipe of biryani that must be streamlined.

Hara or Green Masala biryani is not cooked too commonly, although those who have known and savoured the flavour, do swear by it.

Here is a recipe which will turn you and your guests this Eid into a hardcore fan of the greener variant.


- Beef meat (1 kilogram, reduce the amount in case of boneless, 500-700 grams)

- Basmati Rice (around five small cups, almost one kg) soaked for half an hour.

- Salt (3.5 tsp for boiling rice, in gravy to taste)

- Garam masala (1 to 3 cardamom, small cinnamon sticks, tez patta known as bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns)

- Powdered Masalas (cumin powder, red chilli powder, Garam Masala grounded, black pepper powder- one tsp each)

- For Green Masala (4 green chillies, one bunch each of fresh coriander and mint)

- One large onion chopped

- Yoghurt one cup

- Tomato two small ones (sliced roundly)

- Oil, ginger/ garlic paste

- Saffron colour, rose water one tsp


1. Take a medium-sized pot and put half a cup of oil in it. Warm the oil and put Garam Masala (not powdered) and fry for a min.

2. Now add onions, frying until golden brown. Now add beef meat and fry it with ginger-garlic paste for five minutes.

3. Add tomatoes and two whole green chillies, with other powdered Masalas for 15 minutes (make sure tomatoes are least visible).

4. Now take a blender, add the material for green Masala (spare a few twigs of coriander and green mint for garnishing).

5. It is time to add the blended green mixture into the meat and a little water, let it cook with a lid on until meat is a little tender.

6. Now take yoghurt and put it into the pot and mix it well with a wooden spoon. Let it again cook for another 10 minutes (take more time to make sure meat is perfectly tender).

7. In a big pot, put water and rice with the addition of salt, bringing it to a boil.

8. When the rice is half-done, strain them and add oil to the pan. Now put the half amount of strained rice in the pot and sprinkle few drops of rose water on it (stir a little so it is infused).

9. Add the meat curry on top and put remaining rice over it. Sprinkle saffron colour (mixed with a little bit of water) on the layer of rice at top.

10. Cover with a lid and after 10 minutes — voila, the aroma will tell you that you are in for a grand treat!