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Saturday Oct 12 2019
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Serial killer woman murdered six family members, including one-year-old daughter, for money

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An Indian woman killed at least five members of her family for money over a period of fourteen years, according to a report in the media. 

The woman, identified as 47-year-old Jolly Shaju, on Thursday appeared at a courthouse in the Indian city of Kerala as hundreds of people gathered around the building to catch a glimpse of the serial killer. 

Shaju confessed to killing five people from her family, as well as her husband, between 2002 and 2016 over property and money, NDTV reported. She used cyanide, a poison, to kill her relatives, say police.

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The case came to light when Matthew Thomas, the brother of her husband Roy Thomas, insisted that police conduct an investigation into the death of Roy, who died from poisoning. 

The other family members that Shaju is accused of killing are her mother-in-law, Annamma Thomas, her father-in-law, Tom Thomas, and one-year-old daughter of her husband from an earlier marriage, Alphine Shaju.

Shaju is also accused of killing Philly, the first wife of her husband. Police in India have exhumed the bodies of victims other than the husband to probe the cause of the deaths.

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Jolly Shaju even killed Matthew Thomas, the brother of her mother in law who had called for an inquiry into the mysterious deaths in his family. The accused will be produced before a court again next week. 

The woman was a commerce graduate and not only well-educated, but well respected in the neighborhood as well, NDTV claims. The serial murders have left the Indian nation stunned. 

Shaju was arrested along with two accomplices, 44-year-old MS Mathew, a friend, and Prajikumar, 48, who allegedly supplied the cyanide used by Shaju to murder at least half-a-dozen people.

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