Family’s fifth daughter aces CSS exam, sets unique record

Zoha Malik Sher has been reveling in success lately after clearing the CSS exam

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Zoha Malik Sher. Source: Twitter

Zoha Malik Sher has been reveling in success lately after clearing the extremely technical Central Superior Service (CSS) exam. Carrying the family tradition forward, Malik is the fifth sister to have set the unique record in her family. 

According to Federal Public Service Commission, Malik is the youngest daughter (fifth in line) to have claimed the distinct feat. She secured the coveted 139th spot, amongst a total of 372 candidates who were successful in clearing the exam this year, out of 521 who attempted it.

Zoha’s elder sisters are already serving in prominent positions in the government. These include Laila, who passed the CSS exam back in 2008 and is currently serving as Deputy Commissioner at the Board of Revenue in Karachi, and Shireen who took the examination in 2010 and was appointed as director of the National Highway Authority shortly after.

In 2017, Malik’s other two sisters Sassi and Marvi too sat for the exam, and much to everyone’s surprise aced it remarkably. They have been working as Chief Compliance Officer at the Lahore Cantonment Board and Assistant Commissioner in Abbottabad respectively.

Meanwhile, Malik herself intends to serve the country after getting appointed at an administrative role after clearing her interview as well.

In one of her earlier interviews, she shared, “The birth of a girl is often frowned upon in our society and that is the same which happened to me. The news of my birth was broken to my father like it was some sort of catastrophe that had struck the family because everyone in my extended relatives were expecting the birth of a son.”