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Saturday Oct 12 2019
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Naked body and 14 stab wounds: Police groping in dark over Karachi double murder

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Photo: Geo News

KARACHI: Investigators are still groping in the dark over a double murder which took place in Clifton on Wednesday.

The bodies of 65-year-old doctor Fasih Usmani and his 22-year-old son Kamran Usmani were found in the bedrooms of their house located in Clifton’s Block IV area, which is considered a highly secured area of the metropolis.

According to the police, the slain were apparently asleep when they were set upon.

At least five people have been taken into custody for the interrogation.

SSP Investigation Tariq Dharijo and his team on Friday visited the house as part of police’s efforts to collect evidence.

The investigators have also held a meeting with Mrs Afia, the widow of Dr Usmani, who was absent from her home at the time of the incident.

In her statement to police, the woman said that she had left for morning walk alone at 6:00 AM. and found the bodies of her husband and son when she returned at around 8:10 AM. 

Afia informed the police about the murders in a phone call at 8:40 AM.

Police were trying to ascertain as to how come the murderer entered the room which was locked from inside. 

There was also no hint of any struggle which the attackers could have faced while breaking the locks.

Police were still unable to find the motive behind the double murder and their efforts were further compounded by the fact that there was nothing missing from the home.

The police said Faseeh Usmani had a heated exchange with a family that was staying at the upper floor of their house sometime ago.

The investigators believe the incident couldn’t be the motive for a double murder.

They were also looking into the unpaid rent of a shop owned by the deceased at Tauhid Commercial Street.

The police said in total the shopkeeper owed 1.2 million in rent to the family but later paid a portion of the amount, also ruling out the possibility of his involvement in a serious crime like double murder.

The family had sacked their housemaid since they used to visit the United States and hadn’t hired a watchman or a maid since then.

The body of the younger victim was found naked but the mother told police that her son used to sleep undressed, a habit which she said he had developed due to his upbringing in the US.

Police were also clueless in finding out why Kamran Usmani was stabbed 14 times with a sharp edged weapon while his father Fasih Usmani received only four stab wounds.  

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