Majority Pakistanis identify economy as biggest problem: poll

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Image courtesy Gallup & Gilani Research Foundation Pakistan 

A vast majority of Pakistani’s have identified economic problem, specifically inflation, as the biggest problem faced by the country, according to a Gilani Research Foundation survey released on Tuesday.

A press release issued by the foundation said they concluded that the economy was the major problem for the people after carrying out a survey of a nationally representative sample across the four provinces.

53 percent of Pakistanis identified inflation as the biggest problem, while 23 percent said unemployment was a major problem for the country.

Only eight percent of people said that the Kashmir issue was the biggest problem, while four percent of the people identified corruption as the major problem.

Image courtesy Gallup & Gilani Research Foundation Pakistan

Interestingly, the ruling party has always identified corruption as the root cause of the country’s problems, but if the poll is to be believed then the people disagree with the Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf’s (PTI) opinion.

The poll also shows that only four percent of Pakistanis see the water crisis as the biggest problem, and only two percent said political instability was a major problem for the country.

One percent of the population labelled electricity load-shedding and dengue virus as the biggest issue.

The foundation said that it had carried out the study among 1,200 men and women in urban and rural areas of the country from October 7-20.