Saturday Nov 09 2019

Football quartet Kaka, Figo, Puyol, Anelka arrive in Karachi

Carles Puyol, Luis Figo, Ricardo Kaka and Nicolas Anelka. Photo: Reporter

KARACHI: Football quartet Ricardo Kaka, Luis Figo, Carles Puyol and Nicolas Anelka have arrived in Pakistan to play two exhibition matches in Karachi and Lahore for World Soccer Stars.

The stars arrived in Karachi on Saturday morning and will be in action later in the evening at Rahat Stadium against Karachi FC.

Nicolas Anelka, the former France footballer told at Karachi Airport that he was looking forward to today's game.

“It feels good, I’m happy to be back in Pakistan. Hopefully we will see a good game today,” Anelka said.

Carles Puyol, Luis Figo, Ricardo Kaka and Nicolas Anelka at Karachi airport. Photo: Reporter

The former French footballer added, “Looking forward to a good time and enjoying my time here with the fans and the players.” 

The footballers will have a media interaction session later in the day followed by a public meet and greet event at a local mall before the game in evening.

They will travel to Lahore tomorrow for the second game of World Soccer Stars where team Figo will face off against team Kaka.

Anelka will join Kaka along with other local footballers in the team while former Spain and Barcelona star Puyol will join Portugal star Figo, who was once a Barcelona player but later moved to the rival club Real Madrid in 2000.