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Sunday Nov 10 2019
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Karachi: Swarms of grasshoppers invade Malir's agri-area

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KARACHI: Swarms of grasshoppers invaded the agricultural area of Malir in Karachi due to which crops spread on hundreds of acres of land are feared to be ruined.

Cultivators are much worried as their crops are in danger and have appealed to the Sindh Government to take immediate action for saving their plants from grasshoppers.

Technical Advisor WWF Pakistan Moazzam Khan has said that grasshoppers were on the rise due to heavy rains and hot weather this year.

He said that these grasshoppers have come from the coastal areas of Balochistan.

Moazzam Khan said that grasshoppers are the most dangerous insects who destroy the plants and crops completely.

He said that the Plant Protection Department is responsible to control grasshoppers through fumigation (insect-killing sprays) in the city.