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Sunday Nov 10 2019
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PM Imran's 'Hamara Sidhu Kahan Hai' video breaks the internet

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ISLAMABAD: That Prime Minister Imran was fond of Sidhu was obvious from before but a new video shows how fond the former is of the latter. 

A video of Prime Minister Imran Khan went viral on the internet in which he can be seen asking about Indian politician Navjot Singh Sidhu before the opening of the Kartarpur Corridor, on Saturday.

The video was tweeted by an Indian journalist Geeta Mohan. In the video, the prime minister can be heard saying: "Acha hamara woh Sidhu kidhar hai? Main keh raha hoon hamara Sidhu," as everyone around him laughs.

The prime minister is then told that the former Indian cricketer was stopped from entering via the Wagah border.

Prime Minister Imran then asks if former Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh arrived at Kartarpur. 

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Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Prime Minister Imran welcomed thousands of Sikh pilgrims into Pakistan.

"There is humanity in the philosophy of Guru Nanak," he said. "Humanity is what separates human beings from animals. Our God also talks about humanity and our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent as a mercy for all mankind."

The prime minister congratulated his ministers for working hard on the corridor.

"The FWO and other ministries worked completed the project in 10 months' time," said the prime minister. "I never knew my government was so capable."

Prime Minister Imran said that a leader was one who brought people together and didn't divide them.

"When I was elected prime minister, I told Modi our biggest problem was poverty," he said. "I told him that if we open our borders then trade will eliminate poverty."