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Thursday Nov 14 2019
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Racist ideology has gained a foothold in India: PM Imran

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that under the Modi government, a racist ideology had gained a foothold in the country. 

Speaking at the Margalla Dialogue event, the prime minister said that with each passing day, it was becoming difficult for Modi to stick to his ideology. 

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"It has been more than 100 days since India illegally annexed occupied Kashmir," he said. "More than eight million people are living difficult lives in the ares."

He said that like the Nazi Germany, a Hindutva ideology was gaining ground in India. 

The prime minister praised Saudi Arabia and said that whenever Pakistan required help the kingdom had always come to its aid. 

He said that Pakistan's importance could not be denied due to its strategic location. 

"Pakistan has tried to resolve the dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia," he said. "We have also mediated between Iran and the United States."

Prime Minister Imran said that if Iran sanctions were lifted from Iran, the country could become a regional power. 

"Iran emerging as an economic power could prove beneficial for Pakistan," he said. 

He cited the examples of both the United States and China on spending money and how it had impacted the two countries. 

"We can learn from the examples of the US and China," he said. "While one focused on spending billions on war, the other developed its infrastructure," he added.