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Tuesday Dec 03 2019
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What happens when the Queen passes away?

Web Desk
What happens when the Queen passes away?

Queen Elizabeth was trending on Twitter on Monday after rumours of her death surfaced online. 

The news had not been confirmed by any royal official or insider, which brings us to an imperative question: What happens when the Queen actually dies?

Following are some specific arrangements that will take place when Queen Elizabeth II passes away:

1. The Queen's Private Secretary will be the first official to convey the news.

2. The media will be informed via an announcement to the Press Association and the BBC through a radio alert transmission known as 'RATS'

3. Buckingham Palace will have a notice outside which will symbolise The Queen’s passing. It will also be on the palace’s website.

4. Parliament will be recalled.

5. If the Queen passes away at Windsor Castle or Sandringham House, her coffin will be moved by car to Buckingham Palace within a couple of days.

6. The day after the Queen's death, the Accession Council will meet at St James's Palace to proclaim the new monarch

7. The Queen’s funeral day would become a national holiday, along with Prince Charles’ coronation as King.

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