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Tuesday Jan 28 2020
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From the sea to your plate: This Karachi eatery serves customers fish in a unique way

Web Desk

KARACHI: Imagine having the freedom to select your meal of choice and witness it being prepared firsthand in front of you. This new eatery in the city is generating quite the buzz for doing just that. All the customer has to do is point out the fish he wants to devour and the chef will not only catch it for you but also cook it live there. 

The harsh cold brings with it a yearning for some deliciously cooked fish. A small roadside restaurant in Federal B Area empowers the customers to witness their meal (fish) getting cooked right in front of them. All a customer has to do is point out the fish he/she wants to eat — from a large tank containing several of each kind — and it will be caught, cooked and served to you. Oh, and the best part is, you're involved every step of the way. 

"Whatever stock we have is super fresh," said one of the persons who worked at the eatery. "What I mean is, we provide you fish from the sea straight to your plate."

Relishing the experience, a fish-lover said he came to the restaurant only because of the unique experience that it offers. 

"You can select a live fish here and they will make it for you. This is why we come here," he said. 

Another person said that everything at the Karachi eatery was 'organic' which was why most people came to the restaurant. Another said that in other eateries, restaurant owners would tell customers they were serving fish but provided them something else.

One person who worked for the restaurant said the eatery provided tuna, surmayi and barracuda fishes. 

"We hadn't heard of the 'live fish' experience anywhere in Karachi," said one person. "It was our weekend and we decided to enjoy. Hence, we decided to come here with our children, in the cold temperature, to relish some fish."