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Thursday Feb 13 2020
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Harry’s ‘deep wounds’ of Diana's loss and being the second son make him an ‘unhappy man’

Web Desk
Harry’s ‘nonconformist’ nature may be stemming from the loss he felt after the death of Diana

Prince Harry is the center of attention around the world over his recurrent 'defying' decisions in the face of British monarchy, especially since he tied the knot to Meghan Markle.  

Experts are now arguing that the Duke of Sussex’s ‘nonconformist’ nature may be stemming from the loss he felt after the death of his mother Princess Diana.

Tina Brown, author of The Diana Chronicles, in an interview with The New York Times said that Harry seems to be deeply affected after parting with his mother at a considerably young age.

“I think the deep wounds of his mother’s death have never healed. And his sense of his role as the second son, the fact that he loved his military career but then left and didn’t have that sense of purpose,” she said during the interview.

“All of that came together to make him a very unhappy man,” she added.

This comes following the Sussex pair’s first public appearance after splitting with the British royal family.

The two had been in Miami last week at a JP Morgan event where Harry opened up about his own mental health as well as an insider quoted him as saying, “he has been in therapy for the past few years to try to overcome the trauma of losing his mother.”