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Friday Feb 14 2020
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Developer runs new Windows on Apple Macbook, leaving tech world stunned

Web Desk
Photo: Twitter

A developer has left many tech geeks stunned after managing to successfully run the Windows 10x on an Apple Macbook, Techradar reported.

According to the publication, Twitter user @imbushao was able to manage to run Microsoft’s incoming version of the operating software "well" on the Apple laptop.

The developer installed the Windows 10X Emulator that the tech giant released for developers to test out their applications, and begin optimising them for the new operating software ahead of its release.

The Verge, on the other hand, said Microsoft released its first emulator for Windows 10x on Tuesday for developers to get a sneak peek at the new operating system variant for dual-screen devices.

Microsoft has customised the Windows 10x so it can exclusively work on for foldable and dual-screen hardware.

The publication noted that the major noticeable change is in the Start menu. It no longer includes the animated Live Tiles found on Windows 10 and 8, as well as the Windows Phone but now has a more simplified look.

“The Windows 10x Start Menu includes apps you can pin in place and a list of recent documents. It looks a lot more like a task launcher than what exists in Windows 10 at the moment," The Verge reported.

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"You can search for apps, documents, or even web content, and this also supports basic voice input," it added. "Cortana is nowhere to be found, though, not even in the settings section of Windows 10x.”

The publication also reported that the Windows 10x also allows users to choose from a dark and light mode. It noted that another major UX change with the new OS is the ability to multitask with apps.

In the current version of Windows 10 apps open by default on a single screen. A user can then drag the apps across the two displays “to have them fully stretch and span across dual-screen devices”.

The publication noted that on the news OS a modern File Explorer will now be able to guide users towards libraries ending the use of the traditional File Explorer. The new tool will also support external devices for file transfers.

In its final judgement, The Verge said Windows 10x still felt like a more refined and modern version of Windows 10.