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Wednesday Mar 25 2020
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Priyanka Chopra and WHO chiefs discuss common COVID-19 misconceptions

Web Desk
Priyanka Chopra had put forth questions from her followers in front of WHO chiefs

As the spread of coronavirus accelerates around the world, misinformation surrounding the pandemic has also been rife.

In an attempt to counter that, acclaimed actor Priyanka Chopra went into discourse with World Health Organization (WHO) General-Director Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and WHO’s Technical Lead for COVID-19, Dr Maria Kerkhove.

During the Instagram Live session, the actor had put forth questions from her followers.

Nick Jonas, who also joined the session, was the first to shoot a question. Owing to his medical history of being type one diabetic as well as Priyanka being asthmatic, the two were concerned about their health.

Dr Maria reassured the couple that staying at home was the best thing for them, as well as all young people even without any pre-existing conditions. “You are not invincible,” she said.

Dr Maria also dismissed a rampant belief about COVID-19 being airborne. “The virus is not airborne.” However, she proceeded to inform that possible transmission can take place via fomites making it possible to exist on surfaces. She went on to lay significance on the practice of washing hands and following necessary hygiene protocols to evade the disease.

Another widespread claim was addressed by Dr Maria, about the virus having lower chances of survival in higher temperatures. Responding to that, she said the spread had been observed in places with different climates and research on the issue is still underway. Dr Tedros chimed in saying the development of a vaccine is also underway and could take over 12-18 months for it to be ready.

Sharing the conversation on her Instagram, the Quantico actor wrote: “There is so much information circulating about Covid-19. And right now we’re all searching for clarity. My friends at @WHO and @glblctzn graciously brought the doctors working on the front lines here to give us answers straight from the experts.”

“Please take some time to watch my IG Live with Dr. Tedros (General-Director at W.H.O.) and Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove (Technical Lead for Covid-19) from @WHO, who answered some questions that so many of you sent in.”

“Guys, let’s make it our duty to donate to @WHO and stand in solidarity to help flatten the curve (link is up in my bio) and please tag your friends and family below who are looking for answers and action steps. Thank you so much Dr. Tedros and Dr. Maria for taking the time, and thank you @glblctzn for everything you do. Everyone please be responsible, stay home and stay safe,” she added.