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Sunday Apr 05 2020
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Prince Harry feels ‘overwhelmed’ about separating from his family

Web Desk
Prince Harry feels ‘overwhelmed’ over separating from his family amid pandemic. Photo: InStyle

There have been a number of reports floating around which reveal that Prince Harry is reportedly feeling extremely ‘guilty’, with a feeling of ‘overwhelming’ devastation for being separated from his family who are back in the UK.

"Despite their ups and downs, hearing that his dad is sick with a potentially life-threatening illness is a huge wake-up call," a source admitted to Us Weekly. "And he’s overwhelmed with feelings of guilt for not being closer to home while this is all going on."

"During the heart-wrenching call, [Harry] confessed to feeling beyond helpless, being over 5,000 miles away in L.A.," even when "Charles tried to calm Harry down by saying he’s OK and that he’s only suffering from mild symptoms, which slightly helped put his mind at ease but he’s [Harry] still worried. Harry’s admitted it’s hit home that Charles and the Queen aren’t going to be around forever."

With this wakeup call, Prince Harry makes sure to communicate with the royal family on a daily basis. "Harry tries to keep in regular contact with the Queen and Charles, but due to the 8-hour time difference calls are few and far between.”

The source concluded by saying, "The royals are desperately trying to rally together amid the pandemic, which is a huge struggle given that they’ve been forced to physically separate."