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Tuesday Apr 07 2020
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PUC urges masses to pray indoors during 'Shab-e-Barat', ask for forgiveness

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People should observe 'Shab-e-Tauba' (night of forgiveness) instead of 'Shab-e-Barat', the Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) said on Tuesday, as coronavirus cases surge across the country.

The council said that the people should pray at home and that congregations in the mosques would not take place.

"Pray all the prayers indoors," the council urged as Pakistan's coronavirus tally shot past 4,000 late Tuesday.

Tahir Ashrafi reminded the people that getting into fights with the police and authorities was not permissible.

"Pray two rakats namaz, ask Allah for forgiveness and his mercy to get rid of this pandemic," Ashrafi said.

The Ulema have been working together with authorities to tackle the pandemic, after several talks with the provincial and federal governments, they backed the decision of limiting people in the mosques across the country.

Earlier, the PUC had also issued a fatwa against hoarding of basic food items and profiteering, calling on the government to take action against perpetrators of the offence.

The council said that profiteering and hoarding basic food items are haram (impermissible) in Islam. The PUC said that under the current circumstances, hoarding basic good items made life difficult for the people and was prohibited according to the Shariah.

The PUC called on traders to ensure basic food items were available for people and urged the government to take strict action against hoarders and profiteers.