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Wednesday Apr 08 2020
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Citizens defy lockdown restrictions across Pakistan as coronavirus cases increase

Police officials checking identity of people at Saddar as Sindh government announced lockdown to prevent from COVID-19 outbreak on April 8,2020. — APP/M Saeed Qureshi

Pakistan in its bid to curb the spread of coronavirus, imposed a lockdown, but it seems that citizens are not fully cooperating with the authorities in this regard.  

So far, the total confirmed cases in the country stand at 4,204, with 1,036 in Sindh, 2,108 in Punjab, 527 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 212 in Balochistan, 83 in Islamabad, 213 in Gilgit-Baltistan, and 28 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. 

Geo News' programme Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath took into account the situation across four major cities in the country with respect to the restrictions imposed and how strictly these were followed by people.


Traffic jam in Karachi despite lockdown, April 8, 2020. — Geo News/Screengrab via

Citizens in the port city are defying the lockdown restrictions as they continue to flood the streets, ignoring repeated appeals from the provincial government.

The police have also set up pickets on several points, which becomes a cause for traffic.

CM Sindh has ordered the provincial chief secretary and provincial police chief to ensure lockdown restrictions remain intact. After receiving the directives, the police have closed several important roads of the city.


People defying lockdown restriction in Lahore on April 8, 2020. — Geo News/Screengrab via

In Punjab, the lockdown was imposed on March 24. Despite that, not only in Lahore, but across Punjab, the government has failed to restrict citizens' movements.

The Lahore Police have set up pickets only on famous streets.

Meanwhile, traffic has flooded the streets of Lahore’s Canal Road, Jail Road, and Mall Road, clearly showing that citizens are disobeying the lockdown restrictions.

Police had said that action would be taken against people defying Section 144, but it seems that they have failed to do so.


People defying lockdown restriction in Peshawar on April 8, 2020. — Geo News/Screengrab via

The city’s trading centres and hotels are closed, however, the shops selling food items remain open, where people are not following preventive measures.

The lockdown restrictions are intact in the main city, while the condition on the outskirts is not ideal.

People in large numbers have gathered outside banks and are not observing social distancing.

The city’s deputy commissioner said that 500 people have been arrested for defying lockdown restrictions so far as Peshawar enters the third week of lockdown. 


People defying lockdown restriction  in Quetta on April 8, 2020. — Geo News/Screengrab via

The number of people present on the city’s streets shows that the people have turned a blind eye towards government’s lockdown orders.

The local administration intensified the restrictions after people refused to stay indoors.

Authorities are also taking action against citizens coming out of their residences unnecessarily.

Balochistan High Court expressing displeasure over citizens coming out of their houses unnecessarily has directed commissioners and deputy inspector generals across the province to ensure lockdown restrictions.