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Thursday May 21 2020
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Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian reveals secrets to keeping healthy hair amid lockdown

Web Desk
Khloe, Kourtney Kardashian reveals secrets to keeping their hair healthy amid lockdown. Photo: Insider

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are well known for their thick and luscious hair and with COVID-19 having forced a number of hair establishments closed, many fans are left wondering their secrets to hair health.

Taking to YouTube, the sisters shared their Holy Grail tips and tricks to stronger and shinier hair. In Kourtney’s case in particular, "since quarantine started I've just been rinsing my hair with water, especially since I haven't been seeing anyone," she revealed.

"I dry it after with an Aquisse hair towel turban, I usually do a face mask, then I just put it up in a bun with a silk scrunchie which helps with not tearing or damaging your hair, but it's solely slicked with my natural hair grease.”

But Khloe, on the other hand, kicks off her week with clean hair and with time allows it to get oily in time. "Normally at the beginning of the week I would wash and blow-dry my hair, and then I'm a dry shampoo person, [but by] Wednesday or Thursday I'll start doing either a low bun or a low pony, and just work with it.”

She has also been using her time to focus on doing DIY hair masks. "Heat up the oil for about ten seconds or so, until it's warm but not hot, then apply the warm oil to your hair and put on a towel wrap [or shower cap] and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Wash your hair as usual, maybe [adding] an extra [round of] shampoo to get the oils out. It'll infuse moisture and shine back into over-processed hair.”

However, Kourtney made sure to leave fans with a bonus tip, "If you're all out of dry shampoo, baby powder will do the trick. Let it sit for a few minutes to absorb the excess oils, then rub it around to get rid of the white chalkiness.”