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Saturday May 30 2020

Eight doctors in Punjab recover from coronavirus


LAHORE: Eight doctors of the Punjab Institute Of Neurosciences (PINS) have made a recovery from the coronavirus, said Executive Director PINS Professor Khalid Mehmood on Saturday.

The Executive Director PINS said that the doctors have now tested negative twice for the virus.

The recently-recovered doctors have resumed their duties, he added.

Meanwhile, Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid addressed a press conference where she said that the number of the coronavirus patients is rising daily.

The provincial health ministry’s website has all the information related to the coronavirus, said Dr Rashid.

Dr Rashid said that an application has been made comprising all the information about the hospitals treating COVID-19 patients.

She said that with the help of the app, a suspected patient can be taken to a nearby hospital on time.

“We have to live with the coronavirus now,” said the provincial health minister, adding that people should be made aware of the preventive measures.

She said that the world is busy finding treatment for the virus.

Shooting down news about the shortage of beds and ventilators on social media, the minister said the rumours are false.

Suppliers' Healthcare has 46 hospitals, which have 27,013 beds, she said, adding that across Punjab, there are 64 patients on ventilators in these hospitals.

In primary and secondary health sector, there are 142 hospitals with 14,082 beds, said Punjab health minister, continuing that there are 79 ventilators with eight patients in these hospitals.

Dr Rashid said that only for Lahore, Mayo Hospital has a special control room for data.

“In Punjab, there are 763 ventilators in government and private hospitals, out of which 668 are still available,” she added.

As of Saturday, Punjab witnessed more than 24,000 cases of the virus with 439 deaths.