Sunday May 31 2020
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Murtaza Wahab tells people not to pay heed to rumours regarding lockdown

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Senator Murtaza Wahab. Photo: Geo.Tv/File

Sindh chief minister's law adviser, Senator Murtaza Wahab, on Sunday assured the availability of essential items during the coronavirus lockdown, if extended, and urged masses to refrain from paying heed to rumours about an extension.

"A large number of citizens flocked to the markets after rumours about an extension of lockdown surfaced on social media," Wahab said in a statement, adding that the rush in markets and non-implementation of precautionary measures can be more hazardous in the days ahead.

Urging people to wait for government's official announcement regarding the extension of the lockdown, Wahab maintained that the decision will be taken in consultation with the federal government.

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The spokesperson also said that people should not harbour unnecessary fears regarding the virus. Instead, they should implement on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the government.

"If you want to be cautious, be cautious about the the rapid spread of coronavirus and do not be scared of the restrictions imposed during the lockdown, as they are issued for the benefit and safety of the public", Wahab explained.

Raising concerns that the coronavirus mortality rate is increasing day by day, the spokesperson observed that the people should learn lessons from the affectees of coronavirus who are struggling to stay alive every minute.

"If you have to get out for a very important task, do not leave the house without wearing masks and keeping a distance," Wahab said.

'NCC to decide on easing or extending lockdown tomorrow'

A meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC) will finalise the strategy for tackling the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown restrictions imposed in the country tomorrow (Monday).

The meeting will be attended by all four chief ministers, federal ministers, chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and the provincial health ministers.

The meeting will decide whether to ease the lockdown across the country or to extend it as the number of cases continue to rise in Pakistan.