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Tuesday Jun 02 2020

Dr Umar Daraz Khan elected Faiz Cultural Foundation president

Photo: Reporter

BRUSSELS: Dr Umar Daraz Khan has been elected as the new president of the Faiz Cultural Foundation while Ali Khaqan Mirza has been appointed its new general secretary.

A meeting of the Central Executive Committee was held in connection with the annual elections, chaired by former president Akram Qaim Khani.

The meeting unanimously appointed renowned British plastic surgeon as the foundation's president, former NSF leader Mirza as its general secretary. Palwesha Bangash was appointed as vice president, Arsala Waheed as joint secretary, literary personality Anjum Raza as secretary finance and Yousuf Ibrahim as information secretary.

Newly elected members include Dr Hassan Javed, Dr Amir Mukhtar, Dr Rehman, Ayub Auliya, Asim Ali Shah, Muhammad Amir, Imtiaz Ali Khan, Arshad Auliya and Akram Qaim Khani.

In his presidential address, Khan paid tribute to former president Akram Qaim Khani and his cabinet and expressed hope that the message of the world's great revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz would continue to be conveyed to the oppressed classes.

“That the end of oppression, violence will be achieved economic and social justice will finally prevail. Economic and political exploitation against oppressed people will be completely eradicated from the world,” he said. “Our objective is to establish a society free from exploitation.”

Mirza, while addressing the meeting, thanked the members and said that he would do his best to fulfil the responsibility given to him.

“Steps will be taken to make the Faiz Festival more efficient and effective than ever before,” he said, adding that Faiz’s revolutionary message for the oppressed was important now more than ever.

Faiz Cultural Foundation is the largest cultural and political organisation of progressive Pakistanis based in Europe. The organisation was established in London in 2010.

For the past nine years, Faiz Cultural Foundation has been organising a great festival every year. Poets, political activists, politicians, musicians and actors participate each year in the Faiz Mela.

Speaking to Geo News, Khan said the Faiz Cultural Festival is for progressive Pakistanis. At the event, we discuss literature, art and the contemporary political development of Pakistan.

Khan added, that the festival was held in autumn every year but maybe this year postponed due to COVID-19, however, he said that the committee will announce a new schedule soon.