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Thursday Jun 11 2020
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Health experts rank daily activities by coronavirus risk level

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Four US public health experts joined hands to categorise various activities people can engage in according to the levels of risk they pose in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The health experts include Pakistani-origin Dr S Nasir Husain, the medical director for infection prevention at the Henry Ford Macomb Hospital and an alumnus of the Dow Medical College.

The other three are Dr Matthew D Sims, the director of infectious diseases research at the Beaumont Hospital in Michigan's Royal Oak, Dr Dennis Cunningham, the medical director for infection prevention at the McLaren Health Care Corporation, and Dr Mimi Emig, a retired infectious disease specialist with Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids.

According to these top doctors' assessment, the 36 activities are ranked on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being with highest risk and 1 being low risk.

The 10 highest-risk activities include bars, buffets, stadiums, gyms, amusement parks, churches, basketball, public pools, casinos, and restaurants with indoor seating arrangement.

Gyms are ranked risk level 8. — Unsplash/Victor Freitas
Restaurants with indoor seating are ranked at risk level 6. — Unsplash/Rod Long
Public pools are ranked at risk level 7. — Unsplash/Nathan Dumlao
Amusement parks are ranked at risk level 8. — Unsplash/ckturistando
Sports stadiums are ranked at risk level 8. — Unsplash/Aksh yadav
Buffets are ranked at risk level 8. — Unsplash/Asiya Kiev

The 10 lowest-risk activities, on the other hand, comprise playing tennis, ordering food, getting fuel, walking, running or biking with friends, libraries or museums, golfing, hotels, camping, and getting groceries.

Libraries are categorised risk level 3. — Unsplash/Devon Divine
Getting groceries is categoriesed risk level 3. — Unsplash/Alin Andersen
PLaying tennis is categorised risk level 1. — Unsplash/Moises Alex
Getting fuel is categorised risk level 2. — Unsplash/Wassim Chouak
Going for a bike ride with others is categorised risk level 2. — Unsplash/Victor Xok
Getting takeout from a restaurant is categorised risk level 1. — Unsplash/Kai Pilger

Interestingly, however, doctors' waiting rooms and dentists' offices are rated 4, with the latter a little higher in terms of risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

Going to malls or beaches, travelling in airplanes, and hosting dinner parties at house, all are rated at 5.

Movies and hair salons or barbershops all got a rating of 6.

Check out the ratings for all 36 activities here:

Risk level: 9


Large music concerts

Sports stadiums


Risk level: 8

Amusement parks



Risk level: 7


Public pools


Risk level: 6


Restaurants, indoor seating


Hair salons, barbershops

Pontoon boat rides

Movie theaters

Risk level: 5

Dinner parties at a house


Backyard barbecues




Risk level: 4

Dentist’s offices

Walking in a busy downtown


Doctor’s office waiting rooms

Eating outside at a restaurant

Risk level: 3

Getting groceries




Libraries and museums

Risk level: 2

Going for a walk, run, or bike ride with others

Getting fuel

Risk level: 1

Getting takeout from a restaurant

Playing tennis