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Thursday Jul 30 2020
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Piers Morgan comes down hard on Johnny Depp, Amber Heard's ‘booze-sodden fights'

Web Desk
Piers Morgan slams Johnny Depp, Amber Heard for having ‘booze-sodden fights'

British TV anchor and author Piers Morgan lashed out towards Johnny Depp and Amber Heard for having countless “booze-sodden, drug-fuelled fights” and racking up a "shocking litany of allegations" by Hollywood standards no less.

In his piece for the Daily Mail, Morgan wrote a lengthy piece criticising the ex-couple, claiming, "The charge sheet of claims and counterclaims about their booze-sodden, drug-fuelled fights featured partially-severed fingers, 'faked' or real bruises, hair-dragging, 'disco bloodbaths', vodka bottles thrown like grenades, phones being ripped off walls, names written in blood on mirrors, dogs dangled out of car windows, tampon applicators used to snort cocaine, accusations of affairs and threesomes with billionaires and other stars, kicking on planes, and constant foul-mouthed abuse towards each other.”

From nearly $750 million in assets suddenly vanishing from underneath Depp’s nose to someone defecating in his bed, their divorce hearing has “conjured up arguably the most toe-curling celebrity image of all time.”

“Though it was run pretty close by humiliating photos of a growling Depp slumped on the floor with a tub of ice cream dribbling between his legs."

Morgan dubs the couple’s public brawl to be a "relentless ugly barrage on the senses” and has sullied the names of both parties involved. So much so that "I've no idea where the truth is actually lurking beneath all the torrents of mud that was thrown and defy the poor judge to work it out either.”

Even their post court interviews seemed a bit too red carpet ready to Morgan. He claimed their ensemble “resembled a movie premiere more than a domestic violence case." Especially since each day brought with it an "endless new eye-catching outfits, preening for photographers, and greeting their fans."

Morgan pointed out how the only ‘winners’ in this court case, for now, have been both, The Sun and the armory of expensive lawyers who have been hired.

Concluding his article, he wrote, “My verdict is this: I find them both guilty of being spoiled, narcissistic, and horribly abusive Hollywood nightmares who have shown us the very worst of celebrity excess at a time when nobody has any time for it