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Friday Jul 31 2020
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‘Riverdale’ star Madelaine Petsch suffering mental health issues amid lockdown

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Riverdale’s most beloved diva Cheryl Blossom recently opened up about the mental health issues she has been battling through ever since the world went into lockdown.

During her interview with Insider, Petsch touched upon her mental health woes and admitted that it has been a lot more ‘more up and down’ than usual.

During the shoot for season four of the show Riverdale, Petsch admitted that "the entire musical episode was a really hard time for me personally. I was going through a lot of stuff, so I was really proud of myself when I watched it back."

She added, "So you really couldn't tell at all that I was literally crying in between takes. I'm really proud of myself for leaving that stuff at the door."

Her entire experience in lockdown has badly impacted her mental health. So much so that, "I've probably been more up and down during quarantine than I've ever been in my entire life.”

With everything that has been going on for her, Petsch believes her role in Riverdale has been a great distraction for her, "When I'm somebody else is when I feel like I can let go of all of my crap and my own baggage.”

"It actually made me get through what I was going through so much better because I was able to process in a rational sense when I was ready, versus that being the only thing that I think about."

While she has now taken time off to focus on her mental health, Petsch hopes that her character Cheryl also follows suit in season five of the show.

"I've said this probably for the last two years now, but I really love the idea of exploring her mental health a little bit more. I'd love to see her soft side more, and I want to see her kind of fiery side from season one come back.”