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Saturday Aug 01 2020
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Prince Harry bashed for promoting greener travel

Web Desk
 Prince Harry bashed for promoting greener travel as a closeted ‘carnivore’

Prince Harry has been slammed at a virtual global summit for trying to promote his sustainable tourism project and advocating for a greener travel alternative post the pandemic.

While the prince aimed to encourage leading travel giants to rethink their approach to travel, as is their responsibility” to the environment, he was called out for allegedly being a “'carnivore advocating vegetarianism.”

During the speech Prince Harry claimed, "Businesses are hurting significantly, and I've heard from some of you who are currently struggling to put food on your family's tables and make ends meet because there are no tourists and therefore no income.”

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Prince Harry was quoted saying, "We need to build back — but we need to build back better. And that means there's a responsibility, a responsibility we cannot avoid or dismiss, for us to reshape this industry in a way that benefits everyone and everything for decades to come.”

Former transport minister Norman Baker spoke out against Prince Harry’s dive into sustainability, not only because he has always been a critic of the royal family but also because the prince uses private jets for his own personal travel.

Baker touched upon the prince’s speech by pointing out, "I am afraid his credibility on the subject is lacking over his own jet setting, which undermines his case. The message is fine, but the messenger is wrong – it's like a carnivore advocating vegetarianism.”