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Monday Aug 10 2020
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NCOC session mulls over Muharram SOPs to avoid second coronavirus wave

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The NCOC held a session today to discuss SOPS ahead of Muharram to avoid an increase in coronavirus cases -- File photo

ISLAMABAD: The National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) held a meeting Monday to mull over the coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ahead of the Muharram processions, in order to thwart the possibility of a second wave of the infection.

According to the NCOC's press release, a session of the federal body was held today under chairman and federal minister Asad Umar.

The statement said that the session took the input from concerned officials on the matter of reopening various sectors. The religious affairs minister said that in order to come up with a comprehensive strategy and SOPs, assistance from religious scholars is being sought.

The federal minister and NCOC chairman said that in case safety guidelines were violated, the number of cases can pick up again. 

He continued that several sectors, which were shut down due to the pandemic, have been reopened including tourism.

The minister said that sectors that have been reopened also need to implement the trace, track and test policy to stem the spread of the virus. 

Umar stressed that the only way to ensure the safety and health of the public is rigorous testing.

Dine-in restaurants, salons, gyms and other businesses that were shuttered during the novel coronavirus will reopen in Pakistan from today, as it limps back to normalcy after the efforts to contain the pandemic seemingly bore fruit.

The NCOC had announced on Thursday that cinemas, theatres, gyms, public points and dine-in restaurants will reopen across the country from Monday, August 10 subject to implementation of coronavirus safety guidelines and SOPs. 

Shopping malls and other businesses are set to remain open as per the pre-lockdown timings.