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Thursday Aug 20 2020
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Others blaming PPP for their incompetence, says Nasir Hussain Shah

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 Sindh Information Minister Nasir Hussain Shah. Photo: File

KARACHI: Taking an indirect shot at the federal government, Sindh information minister Nasir Shah said that the provincial government was being blamed for the incompetency of others.

“Our job is to make the place better for everyone,” Shah told Geo Pakistan, adding that it is also the federal government's obligation to do the same.

"This province is also part of the country of which Imran Khan is the prime minister. It is his responsibility to give some schemes for this province as well,” he said.

When asked why the PPP had been protesting despite reports of the formation of a Centre-Sindh committee to work on Karachi's issues, Shah said the protests by the party had not been about what was happening regarding the metropolis, but were against the incumbent government and what it had done to the country.

“We met on Saturday and Wednesday. The protest that you are talking about was not for this but it was against the federal government’s incompetence, the state of the country, the economy, power outages which have made life difficult for the citizens,” he remarked.

He added that the protest was directed at some people who have been talking about ethnic issues, breaking up Sindh and Karachi.

“Another thing that has been highlighted in the media are all these talks about the province breaking up and Karachi being separated and talks of a takeover. Nothing like that is happening,” he said, adding that if a committee was formed, it will coordinate and facilitate to remove bottlenecks in the province.

He once again reiterated that the protests by PPP were against inflation in the country and the wrong policies of the federal government. “We were protesting against inflation, economic condition, power issues among others,” Shah said.

“We are not doing politics on Karachi, other people are doing it. They are those who have brought the city to its current state,” he said.