Thursday Sep 03 2020
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Meghan Markle is a victim of ‘white patriarchal media,’ says Jameela Jamil

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Meghan Markle has once again been given support by British actor Jameela Jamil amidst heaping criticism against her on social media.

After The Sun earlier reported that The Good Place star had visited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their Montecito home, the star has come forth to clap back at her trolls once more.

Turning to Twitter, Jamil wrote: "Meghan brings out the true colonizing spirit of Britain's white patriarchal media.”

“While thoroughly disturbing, it's also illuminating to no longer be gaslit by their formerly more insidious approach to otherizing and demonizing POC. They hate a disobedient WOC in particular."

The fiasco unleashed when Meghan had addressed the virtual When All Women Vote #CouchParty and had repeatedly urged women to bring about “change” by exercising their democratic right.

The former royal had in turn been immensely criticized as royal family members are known historically not to participate in elections and remain politically neutral.

British broadcaster Piers Morgan too had called for the former actor’s royal ‘duchess’ title to get stripped, as he tweeted: "The Queen must strip the Sussexes of their titles. They can’t remain as royals & spout off about foreign elections in such a brazenly partisan way."

However, coming to her defense, Jameela Jamil lent support to Meghan as she wrote on Twitter: "I *THINK* they may be more embarrassed by their alleged resident pedo Andrew who was besties with a sex trafficker, than an American supporting women voting in her own country, and loosely referencing the importance of general democracy which is being threatened here currently. [sic]”

She also went on to respond to a fan who questioned the hate against Meghan.

"Because she’s not white,” responded The Good Place actor, adding: "And because she’s smart, strong, opinionated, rebellious, beautiful, happy and has everything they never will. She’s a terrifying threat to patriarchy because she doesn’t fit the stereotype for women. They discredit her because they can’t kill her."