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Saturday Sep 12 2020
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'Queen Elizabeth unlikely to make Buckingham Palace her primary residence'

Web Desk

While Queen Elizabeth is expected  to return to Buckingham Palace in the near future for a limited number of audiences, it still remains unclear whether the British monarch will take residence in the building. 

According to a report in Royal Central, the Queen has spent much less time at Buckingham Palace and instead preferred to stay at nearby Windsor Castle.

The report said that the Queen usually spent Monday to Thursday at Buckingham Palace before the coronavirus pandemic and stayed at Windsor Castle from Friday to Sunday.

She stayed at Windsor Castle from March to August this year due to the global health crisis.

The Royal Central reported that the Queen is spending much less time at her Central London home than ever before.

"In 2011, Her Majesty spent 109 nights at Buckingham Palace. A few years later, in 2015, she only spent 88 nights at the palace, with the downward trend continuing year on year," the report said.