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Tuesday Sep 15 2020
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Pakistan strongly condemns Houthi attack on Saudi Arabia

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"We commend how Saudi Arabia’s successful defensive actions prevented [the] loss of many innocent civilian lives," says FO. —

Pakistan expressed solidarity with Saudi Arabia after the Houthi attack on the Kingdom, saying that it strongly condemned the act and that it supported Riyadh's right to defend itself against aggression.

A statement from the Foreign Office said that the recent missile and drone strikes by Houthis on Saudi Arabia were a violation of the Kingdom’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"We commend how Saudi Arabia’s successful defensive actions prevented [the] loss of many innocent civilian lives," it said, adding: "Pakistan has consistently urged all parties to the conflict in Yemen to engage in a meaningful and peaceful dialogue to end the hostilities, in line with the UN Security Council Resolution 2216."

The Foreign Office appreciated the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen's positive step when it unilaterally declared a ceasefire earlier this year.

"It is, however, regrettable that this step was not reciprocated positively," it said, adding: "Pakistan expresses deep concern at the recent escalation of conflict in Yemen, as the city of Marib is threatened by the Houthi militias."

Expressing further concerns over the fighting, the Foreign Office said that it believed that if the conflict engulfs Marib, it would result in a "serious humanitarian catastrophe" that would add to the existing precarious humanitarian situation in the country. Islamabad warned that the conflict has already seen countless deaths and injuries, and millions displaced.

Pakistan urged all parties to the conflict, in particular the Houthis, to cease military actions, engage in a serious dialogue to end the conflict based on the relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and respond positively to the proposals made by Martin Griffith, the United Nation’s Special Envoy to Yemen.

"Pakistan believes that war serves no purpose, and all issues can be resolved through peaceful dialogue. Adopting this path early will save thousands of innocent lives, as well as the future of the Yemeni people," read the statement.

Later, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in a tweet said that Pakistan condemns the continued Houthi missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia.

FM Qureshi stressed that to save innocent lives in Yemen, the fighting must stop and the UN-brokered peace must be given a chance.

"Pakistan believes that war serves no purpose and all issues should be resolved through dialogue," he added.

Houthi rebels claim important target struck

Earlier, Houthi rebels said that they had hit an "important target" in the capital, Riyadh, using a ballistic missile and drones.

Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarea said that “an associated military operation” between the air force and missile force was executed through a “Zulfiqar” ballistic missile and four “Samad 3” drones, without revealing details on the “important target”.

Sarea claimed that the attack was carried out “in response to the continued escalation” and “the ongoing besiegement” by the Arab coalition forces led by Riyad, in support of the internationally-recognised Yemeni government.