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Thursday Sep 17 2020
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Kanye West throws his Grammy in the toilet in yet another bizarre move

Web Desk

Kanye West is not stopping anytime soon as the rapper has grabbed headlines once again for literally throwing his Grammy into the toilet.

The White House hopeful in yet another bizarre move flushed his Grammy Award into his toilet bowl and filmed himself urinating all over it.

The strange video left the internet baffled and in a state of absolute shock, something his fans are all too familiar with considering his frequent social media tirades.

"Trust me… I WON’T STOP,” he captioned the video.

Earlier on Monday, he had announced his decision to not release any new music, but later ended up deleting that tweet. Subsequent to that, he compared the music industry to “modern day slavery.”

His latest video has sparked outrage as fans and celebrities alike lashed out at him for disrespecting the prestigious accolade.

Songwriter Diane Warren wrote: “How vile and disrespectful of U.”

“This was given to U by your peers out of respect for your work and U r literally [expletive] on them. I’ve won one Grammy and I’m forever grateful and humble that my peers found me worthy of it,” she added.