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Thursday Sep 24 2020
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Princess Diana was scolded for ‘embarrassing’ the royals by misbehaving in public

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Princess Diana is known to have lived quite a challenging life in the royal household where she was constantly held back from being herself.

The late Princess of Wales was once chided for ‘misbehaving’ in public which caused serious uproar and led to severe repercussions, as revealed by Channel 5’s documentary, Fergie Vs Diana: Royal Wives at War.

Citing the incident, The Sun wrote about Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana being “silly, simpering girls.”

Glynis Barber, the narrator, had said: "Diana did her best to be more fun like Fergie. One attempt at Ascot in 1987 was to backfire."

Royal commentators, Ingrid Seward and Richard Kay also spoke about the incident that wreaked havoc.

"There was one occasion at Royal Ascot where they spotted a friend of Fergie's in the crowd. They were all carrying umbrellas and they poked her bottom with this umbrella. It is all very funny but the repercussions were huge,” said Kay.

"But both Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana were upbraided for sort of misbehaving in public,” he added.