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Saturday Sep 26 2020
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Fans reflect on the day when Meghan Markle closed her car door, criticise media for reporting

Web Desk

Meghan Markle fans are reflecting on the day when the Duchess of Sussex became a trend worldwide after she was pictured closing her car door.

She was pictured as she arrived at the Royal Academy of Arts to attend her first solo event since becoming a royal on September 26, 2018, according to BBC.

The fans are targeting media outlets for making a big deal out of the picture.

"Happy birthday to the day Meghan trended worldwide cos she closed her car door," wrote a user while sharing the picture of the Duchess.

"I reflected on the day Meghan closed her car door and the BM made a big deal about it. I’m cackling Face with tears of joy They nitpicking about everything, my goodness!" wrote another.

Shortly after the picture of Meghan had gone viral on the internet, several people had accused the former actress of breaching the royal protocol.

BBC, while quoting Etiquette and protocol coach William Hanson, had reported that this was not a protocol breach.